Diminished Composition

Label: Scissor Tail Records (ST33)

Release Date: 2016 January

Format: 12" vinyl LP; limited 400 copies in two editions in classic black vinyl

A1 Inland Empire

A2 At Length and Dead Horse

A3 Brief Moments in Longterm Doubt

A4 Lament Young

B1 Four Films (Films Four)

B2 End of Good Discipline

B3 Codeine Catnap

B4 Fresnal Variation (for Jeanne Moreau)

B5 Diminished Composition

Davin Edward Chong

Kevin Peter Chong

Joseph Edward Yonker

Composed and Arranged 2011-2014

Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork by Louis Reith

A3 brief moments in longterm doubt.mp3

B2 end of good discipline.mp3

Always in Postscript   |    A Film Score

Label: Own Records (OWNVIN#60)

Release Date: 2012 January

Format: 10" vinyl EP; limited 300 copies in classic black vinyl

A1 Portrait of a Sleeping Girl with Radio

A2 Un Court Thème Pour Lyla

A3 A Year of Failure, a Year of Fortune

A4 Balustrade (Hand Writ)

B1 Open Wounds (for J.N.)

B2 Avenue Heights, Carouselled Horse

B3 Images D'une Longueur de Cheveux

B4 Always in Postscript

Composed and arranged at various times throughout 2009-2011 by Davin Chong, Kevin Chong and Joseph Edward

Mastered by Taylor Deupree, New York

Cut by Andreas (Lupo) Lubich at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

This music was written for the film All the Lines Flow Out by Charles Lim Yi Yong

"All the Lines Flow Out" is a stunning symphony of mesmerizing images that seduces the viewer and leads him to the most unexpected and unusual visual travelogue of Singapore. Through its images and sounds, Charles Lim's film goes well beyond the territory of representation and ventures into the daring fields of pure experience. - Venice Film Festival

b2 avenue heights, carouselled horse.mp3

b4 always in postscript.mp3

Echo Park  

Label: Infraction Records (INFX051LP)

Release Date: 2011 September

Format: 12" vinyl LP; limited 500 coloured copies (100 brown, 400 cream) 

A1 Suicide Dream 
A2 Measuring Heartbreak 
A3 L'amour dans la Tristesse 
A4 Escaping the Memory

B1 Mid-August, for Rachel 
B2 New York Heat 
B3 The Motorist 
B4 We're Still Here 
B5 Echo Park 
B6 Buried Presidents

Contributors - Davin Chong, Kevin Chong, Joseph Edward

With - Danny Norbury, Ryan Navassa Boa, Mr. Infraction

Composed and Arranged 2006-2009

Mastered by Carl Saff  

a1 suicide dream.mp3

B1 mid-august, for rachel.mp3