Willamette compose minimal works for tape, silence, voice and various stringed instrumentation. Romantic music for the old and lackluster, the compositions of Willamette are characterized by meticulous notation and uncommon symmetry, emphasizing the importance of space and volume. The classical fugues of their recordings offer a distinctly austere nostalgia, not only capturing the air of an old Delerue record playing in a distant room, but the sound of the room itself.

Davin Edward Chong - Born in one of the coldest months in the dead of winter, 1985, he took composition and musical theory until he was 13; he is rarely interested by current music, and instead enjoys eating white rice, taking in ancient sounds and tending to indoor ferns.

Kevin Peter Chong - Legend has it that it was the autumn of 2002 that the odd combination of a seasonal tornado, a drunken night and an old cassette of Tallis and Byrd's polyphonic compositions all brought about a permanent, strangely alienated musical revelation.

Joseph Edward Yonker - An automobile accident as a lesson in silence, Joseph began composing and rarely recording works of a slowed and stilled nature. He spends his subsequent time in search of old tape, ruining banana bread and listening to Joy Division.